Thursday, November 5, 2009

Art Every Day Month. Day 5

Today's creativity comes in the form of photographs, marking the end of an era. Brenna, who has been her Jr. High football team's water girl served her last game today. It marks the end of three years she has been doing this. Since she is in 8th. grade, she will move onto high school next year. Who knows, maybe she can be her high school's water girl. She sure knows how to do it!

I can't help but feel emotional about this. This school has embraced Brenna and her classmates like nothing I have ever seen. The teachers as well. When I approached the coach with the idea three years ago about Brenna being water girl, he had no problem with it. So, off we went, Brenna and I. Learning to fill bottles, finding the cold water, getting used to the sound of boys cracking each other's skulls, running out to the field when we heard the call for water. Scrambling for water on extra hot days, sometimes Brenna "assisting" with an injury. (Her favorite part.)

The next year, a mom of one of the football players took charge of the water and scooped Brenna right along. They were quite a pair. Running hand in hand, they would fly out to the middle of the field to bring water. They would circle around the team at the end of each game, always together.

This year, a different mom stepped forward to take over the job. (Bless mother's of boys.) Not much taller than Brenna, they would scramble, cheer, and haul water. She watched out for Brenna as much as I did. More, even, when she told Brenna to sit in the shade on a particularly hot game day.

The boys were always polite and fun. "Hey, Brenna!" "Thanks, B." High fives, just sitting on the grass together, signing a card for her at the end of a season.

Brenna was ready each game day. "We're going to WIN!" she says at each and every game. This year, she got to help hand out snacks, (I'm a part of the team, mom. I get a snack, too!") pray for the beginning of a game, and was faithful to give encouragement when the boys came in off the field or got injured. Off she would go when it was half time, hauling her water for "her boys." This year, one of the highlights was the coach's 4 month old son, Conner. Oh, and she sure loved to wear her shirt to school on game days!

We lost today, by two points. It was a game well played, the boys fought hard. Brenna was a little more enamored today by Conner, but she was ready when she heard, "WATER" and came running! Brenna asked me, "Mom, did we win?" "Oh, B. We lost by two points." "No, Mom. I think we won." Me too, Brenna, me too.


  1. Hi, Lynn! What a great story! Thank you for sharing!

  2. OK, Lynn...you are making me cry! I think they won, too..sniff, sniff!

  3. I just love how caring children can be! GO COUGARS!!!

  4. What a wonderful story! Your daughter is beautiful!

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