Saturday, November 21, 2009

Art Every Day Month. Day 21

Here are the pictures I promised of out sweet little Boutique. Wendy and I are excited to see what a Saturday crowd will be like. Well, we are just excited to leave the kids with our husbands and sit together all day!!!!

Wendy doesn't particularly like having her picture taken, but I love showing you my best friend!!

The tree in the bucket? Not quite what we hoped for. I just couldn't get to my Christmas decorations in time for the boutique to get out my bigger trees. This one was from the dollar isle at Target. It's now known as the Charlie Brown Tree. Plus our labels are ridiculously large!!! Our friend, Debbie let us use some raffle tickets, as you have to have a part that the cashier can tear off. Wendy told me someone said to her, "What's with the raffle tickets? Do we win a prize or something?" Uh...no. It's called learning to label. Maybe if we said yes, we would sell more?

This dress form was a steal at Pier One. I love it!! The only problem was when we put all the key chains on, she toppled over. Wendy thought if we could find a base and wire the dress form to it, it would solve our problems. So, off we went to Goodwill, and waiting for us was the perfect size cutting board. We drilled holes in it, spray painted it, and, TA DA!! A base for the dress form.

Wendy, (again) came up with the awesome idea of how to hang all the domino necklaces. We brought out the spray paint, bought some foam board, she had some beautiful velvet material hanging around in a box, and...TA DA!!!!

Wendy (the queen) had an idea for hanging dominoes off of a tree. They ended up being too heavy, but we loved the decorative effect. So I found some branches at the dog park one day, put them into a vase with my dried hydrangeas, and added little sparkle charms for fun.

Another Goodwill find we spray painted to hold the paper weights.

I found an old c.d. rack at the same Goodwill to hold cards. Do you love thrifting, or what???

Charlie the tree isn't so bad up close.

I found out that my friend, Pam is there selling her gorgeous Silpada Jewelry. I love Silpada Jewelry. Love it.

Did I mention that when you throw a Silpada party, you always end up with free jewelry? What's not to love?!

Time to walk the doggies and get on over to the boutique. Enjoy your day, friends!


  1. Looks like an incredible time! I trust it will be fruitful as well as fun! Yahooo!!

  2. Seeing all that makes me want to shop! Hopefully your customers felt the same today ;-)

  3. I haven't done a show in years....your pictures and stories almost {I said almost..} make me want to sign up for one!

    Love the raffle ticket story!

    Your table/props look great! & yes, thrift shopping is wonderful!!!

    Hope your boutique was a big success!

  4. Wow...great job, Lynn! you are doing so well with your Art Every Day!!!

    Beading like crazy...will write more soon.

    Sure loved my birthday card...you are so kind!

  5. Your displays look fantastic. There are so many treasures. Great job.

  6. hey, sweetheart.
    i know i have an email from you to answer.
    i'm fine. doing really good.

    love your booth - i've never been able to talk myself into going to the work it takes to do a show like that. Just the thought gags me:)

    question: how much did you sell your paperweights for and did they sell well at that price? i have a boxful to do and am not sure how much i'll price them at:(
    i need my friend's help:)

    xoxo, you sweet thing, jan