Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 for 21 day 7

Last Monday, I got a call from my eldest daughter who said she could really use some "Mom love", and could I come for the day on Friday?
Could I come?
A chance to see my girl and get her groceries, take her out, maybe do some shopping....

It's a bit of a challenge to find care for Brenna after school, (that's a whole other post!) but we have a dear friend I can call on, and did for this occasion. It was all set that she would pick up B, and have her spend the night, so I could come home late as my husband was in another city in conferences all day.


I will have to say, quite often in our life with Brenna, we are thrown curve balls to our plans in the way of illness.
Over the years, we have learned to roll with it as best as we can.

When she was small, we knew all of the staff in the large pediatric clinic we went to by name. I thought we should have our own tent pitched there, but didn't think it would be so comfy come 2 a.m.
Literally, we were there 1-2 times a week until she was about age 10. By then, Brenna had also had sinus surgery and her tonsils removed. She had also had a hospital stay for RSV, fought off pnuemonia, and was seen on a cyclical basis for sinus infections, inhaler treatments, neutropenia, sleep studies, severe reflux, being unable to stop vomiting from stomach flu too many times to count, and hypothyroidism. Oh yes, and the heart thing...
 At least that's all I can remember for now. There's more, I'm sure, but you get the picture.

Thursday after school, Brenna sneezed and it was as if someone had flipped a switch.
"Mom? My throat hurts."
WHAT? Nah, can't be. Here, take some something and you'll feel better.
"Mom? My throat really hurts."
Maybe in the morning it will be better...
Well, by 12:30 a.m., it wasn't and she was in our room telling me about her throat again.
I texted my daughter (of course she was up!), telling her I'd have to call off our day. To my surprise she asked how sick was Brenna? Like barfing and fever sick? No....
Then the came the text:
Well, mom, bring her anyway and I'm sure one of my room mates can sit with her while we go out for a couple of hours and get some coffee.

Off we went with a large box of kleenex and some movies the next day.
(Brenna's throat was better-don't worry, I waited to see about that!)

What a sweet, sweet time. It was very low key, Brenna got to watch the Justin Bieber movie with Lauren's room mate, and we made dinner at her apartment.
Brenna's "other" big sister came over and joined us for dinner and they had the great debate over who was cuter- Justin or Zac Ephron?

Needing Mom love must have been in the air, because all of Lauren's room mates were gone that night to see family. So guess who got to spend the night at her big sister's place???

I found Brenna being sick this time around wasn't too bad, and as she gets older, it's pretty cool to be able to roll with it.

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  1. Your posts, 31 for 21, are so special. Informative, personal, and touching my heart. Thank you for sharing this part of your life.

    Blessings to you and your family!

  2. Lauren has grown up completely. She shows grace, compassion, self confidence, and love so well. I am totally impressed with this post. Flexibility is the key to happiness and it seems you all had it in spades this weekend. NICE JOB. And Yay Erin :-)

  3. so sweet.
    A chance to watch 17 again, again, heck ya I would have been right there with her giggling and going ga ga over that boy :)
    So glad she is okay and that Lauren is okay now too with her mom coming for girl time.
    Some times we just need our momma's

  4. I'm so glad you two got to go see your daughter together. Things seemed to work out for the best and Brenna looks like she had a wonderful time!

  5. This is so lovely, Lynn...I love reading about your special times with your sweet girls! You are such a good writer...XO

  6. What a sweet post, Lynn. I've been following 31 for 21 on several blogs, and they are all very touching. I love the way you are with your girls, and how lovely that your eldest daughter got the mom love she needed and Brenna could be with you.