Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 for 21

All is quiet in our house this weekend. This is a good thing. Brenna and I are taking advantage of the Dr.'s orders for keeping low. Unfortunately, my computer has decided to join us and until I get it figured out, I'll have to post from my phone. Because the best post of the 31 for 21 comes on November 1st..... Stay tuned and happy Sunday to you!!


  1. Go AWAY computer gremlins!! We want to hear the special post!

    (And I hope Miss Brenna gets all the rest she needs... Mom too!)

  2. Well Have a very low key Day and A happy Halloween!
    See ya on the 1st :)
    gosh the 1st of November is already here, how did that happen???

  3. Just was reading your last post...must have been very scary! Glad Brenna is doing better and that both of you are taking it easy this weekend! XO

  4. I hate having computer problems.. But a least it gives you a chance to take it easy!!!

    Hugs, Linda