Monday, October 24, 2011

Art and 31 for 21

Short and sweet today, I am battling my ridiculous sinuses again.
It might be all right, as I took Brenna's amoxicillin instead of my medicine this afternoon. Between the two of us, it's amazing this doesn't happen on a daily basis.
Umm, I needed three of my pills, so I took an extra good dose of amoxicillin.
Moving along now.

I did finish this sweet canvas, I love it.
What do you think?
It will be up on Etsy soon.

It's a small 5x5 canvas

with the bird done in different strips of paper and the definition of surrender found from a vintage dictionary. The "B" is from a set of playing cards I bought over at Linda's etsy. She has the BEST vintage everything in her store!

Continuing on my 31 for 21 post...
Five things I love about Brenna:
1. If you just need a day to curl up and watch movies, she's your gal.
2. I love that we can go to a dog park and stay for a long time and she is so fascinated by the dogs and knows a lot of the different breeds.
3. I love that she loves Starbucks.
4. I love that we sat on the couch yesterday and colored for 30 or 40 minutes.
5. I love that she loves Curious George.



  1. now that is a girl I can hang with :)
    is it odd that I love all the things a teenage girl does???? LOL
    Love your new piece Lynn.
    It really speaks. It really does always come down to what we feel in our hearts.
    Hope you are back up and feeling yourself soon.
    I just want that cold weather to hit and stay!

  2. A beautiful canvas. The way you did the bird with all those paper strips is lovely. I like how you incorporated the definition from the dictionary.

  3. I didn't read much when I was a kid. But reading your #5 reminded me that I never turned down the opportunity to hang our with Curious George. That monkey made me happy! Thanks for helping me excavate that memory.

  4. Love the canvas, all of the layers are what make it so wonderful! i just pulled out the collage papers and trinkets and treasures to play again, it has been too long. I love Curious George and all the rest of the things that you and Brenna enjoy together :)
    Meet you on the couch! t.xoxoox