Monday, October 17, 2011

Art and 31 for 21

I have way too many thoughts in my head. Probably not a good thing. Add to that 7 loads of laundry, a small colitis flare up, the fact that Brenna has a sinus infection, 4 dozen cookies that need to be made by Wednesday, and you get a mental hurricane that could be named Inga.

Oh, and I'm trying to figure out what to do with my art.
You know, the art I would be doing if I could stop everything and get into the art room.

I have been in there, a little.

But I'm realizing my strong point isn't organization,

It's perfectionism.

Not good when I am thinking about how to make, market, sell, blog, facebook, etsy, etc. ect.
Then my strong point is being stuck.
Boy, you are all so good to talk to.
More on this later.
If I remember.

31 for 21
Five things I love about Brenna.
1. Her hands
2. She tells it like it is.
3. People know her wherever we go.
4. How she still likes to snuggle on a Saturday morning when she first wakes up and smells like sleep.
5. When she is tired, she's done. 
Here she is at dinner last night. It was only 6:30, but like I said, done.
( the ring on her shirt isn't my laundering abilities, it was a weird flash.)

Have a happy Monday!


  1. Hugs of encouragement from one self defeating perfectionist to another. I am my worst enemy. Don't be yours. I have never seen one thing you did that wasn't pretty much perfection.

    Except laundry. I'm not buying the flash excuse, missy.

    And enjoyed the things you like about Brenna. I like the snuggle one the best.

  2. Okay I am really loving this art piece
    I love the colors and the choice of initial not only for bird but B's are pretty important around here, lol

    I love your list of things you love about Brenna.
    Something only a mother knows.
    The looks the smells we hold in our memories forever.
    I always say life comes first and when it slows it allows for the art to happen. Otherwise the art is fake and made out of haste rather than love.
    The time will come when it is meant to.
    Have a peaceful day

  3. I can totally relate to the perfectionist and to much to do part! How to juggle it all - tell me when you find the answers, please.
    Looking at your 5 things list, I can say some of the same things about our daughter:
    1) long fingers - love them
    2) Indeed!
    3) In our town, anyway - it's small
    4)Bummer doesn't live in our house now, 4 hrs away. College hugs, though.
    5) Tired.... well, just v. crabby
    Happy day to you,
    Back to my studio!

  4. Oh no.. I am not organized or a perfectionist. I can barely get into my craft room right now.. My art table is piled high. I was in there last night and spent an hour trying to find my scissors.. So I must clean be for another project.. But I just don't want to.... Hee Hee..

    Hugs, Linda

  5. Organization? What's that? Perfection? I've learned how to brace imperfection! As for art time . . . I fit it in between chores, appointments (vet, doctor, lawn care guy, etc.), laundry (which involves picking stuff up off the floor a lot), etc. You get the picture -- and it isn't very pretty. Although I DO think about making art. Yup! I think about it a lot!!! And blogging, and marketing and trying to figure out a way to make money doing something that I love. I hear you, Girlfriend. We're in the same rocky boat of life!!! :) Hugs, Terri xoxo

  6. I'm not sure if sheep appreciate perfection or organization.

    I'm pretty sure they don't like being stuck.

    And laundry skills? They could care less.

    I am sure they would like Brenna.

    See? We have it made.

  7. Lynn,
    I didn't understand what you were doing here (I am wiping a tear). this is absolutely profound. I went back to the beginning and read all of what you have written today. You amaze me, my friend. You live your life with such depth and such honesty.

    I just adore you and think you are one of the most special people I have ever known.

    Hugs, Suz

    P.S, Hope the colitis goes away.

  8. My head is the same way. Filled with too many thought and then none seem to get completed. Got. to. get. organized.

  9. art does not happen in a vacuum. the swirling mind, the non-stop events, the joys and frustrations, the insights and stuckness are all grist for the mill. you mix them all up and turn out wonderful art, and wonderful children. Messy is just fine; edgy is just fine. Colitis...well, that's just a drag. Love you! I love B's hands too. And her openness.