Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

It's time for 
I didn't think I would do it this weekend, but lo and behold-Brenna and I took off for a visit to see her big sister and all the prompts jumped out at me. All of these were taken with my trusty iphone, so it's not quite the quality of my SLR. I have to say...it was fun and I really felt like I was on a scavenger hunt!!
{{on a side note, don't forget 31 for 21 posts. I'll continue tomorrow with my thoughts about siblings.}}

I love this shot. Brenna took it while we made Rice Krispy treats for the bake sale at school.

Blank space.
Cool shirt found at Urban Outfitters.

Triadic colors.
This was the toughest one. I looked and looked and looked. I kept repeating the colors in my head and for some reason, I just couldn't remember them. But I thought this was such a cute display in a scrapbook store in San Diego, I took a picture of it, hoping it was close. Sure enough-orange, green and purple.
I whizzed past a Denny's sign that stood out behind a bright blue sky for the yellow, blue and orange-it screamed at me, "TRIADIC!!" But I chose to pay attention to driving. This is a tough scavenger hunt when you really get into it!!

My favorite part of the drive to my eldest daughter. I know we are beyond home and very close to her when I see this bridge. (Rainbow Bridge.)

Black and white.
It is pure inspiration at my daughter's place. She lives with 4 other college girls. Three of them are art majors, so beauty, art, edgy design and fun abound.
This is an old, chippy window frame that my daughter and her room mate painted with chalkboard paint and my daughter worked her word magic on it with chalk.

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  1. Mmmm~ Marshmallows! Great set!!

  2. What a great camera phone collection. I love that blank space shot and what a bridge that is!

  3. Great shots - love black and white!

  4. I wish my phone's camera could take pictures halfway as decent as yours. :)

    I love your Blank Space shot.

  5. Very nice shots clever blank space. Your food shot is yummy

  6. These are just amazing. What an amazing bridge in your landscape photo and great find on the color wheel -that was a tough one.

    Until next week...

  7. So glad you got to visit your daughter! I have two away at graduate school myself....sigh :(. Love your b/w photo. Ahhhhh to be an art major, they are just soooo cool!


  8. cool shots especially B&W! thank you for your comments!

  9. What great shots my friend. I think I need a phone like you got!! Mine doesn't even have a camera.. Hey we passed that bridge! I always love seeing it cause I know we are close to our destination..

  10. Love your landscape shot. Great work!

  11. I've just got to remember to do this one week. It just looks so fun. If I can just find Debbie and get my groove back...