Friday, October 28, 2011

31 for 21

It's pretty amazing what is going on this month with writing the 31 for 21 posts.
Does my life seem a little crazier than normal because I'm documenting everything, or is it just really this crazy around here?
For instance.

I'll preface today's story with this:

it is a good outcome,
and I am BEYOND grateful,
and BEYOND thankful for iphones and computers and Facebook where I can text and make status updates and have so many people praying it will make your head spin.

Friday morning, 7 a.m., I was downstairs in the kitchen with Miss B., and we were getting breakfast ready. We sat down to eat and she began rubbing her eye.
One thing I forgot to mention was the opthamalogist we see on a regular basis. Brenna has a nasty astigmatism and has been pretty close to being legally blind as far as distance goes. This has been corrected somewhat over the years. She also has nystagmus. She has the back and forth kind.
 Then she said she was dizzy. "It should go away", I said, not overly concerned.
Miss B. said, "No. I'm DIZZY."
I looked at her and realized her nystagmus was literally going berserk. Not just her little twitchy side to side movements that you can see. Not the medium side to side movements that are more noticeable when she is very tired.
These were full blown, wonky, rolling, different direction, one eye crossing and staying type of movements.
I froze.
"I'm dizzy, mom."
Got that.
Time to be concerned.
Three minutes later.
"Still dizzy, B?"
"yep." said miss eye roller.
This is when the mommy mode kicks in and you try very hard to not panic as you debate in your mind several scenarios.
Heart malfunction.
Brain tumor.
What the?????
I then made the decision to exit stage right.
Unfortunately, Miss Dizzy couldn't walk a straight line, so I helped her to the car, where she began to worry about not eating her breakfast. And the dog decided she wanted to go as well.
Grab dog. Toss into kitchen. Like, really tossed her.
Grab plate, toss into Brenna's lap. Not tossed too much. What ever.

am i really posting a picture of what my hair looks like when it dries on it's own???

Call Doug, who is, of course out of town.
Wonder if I should stop and call an ambulance.
Drive way too fast to the E.R. which, for the hospital we go to is 20 minutes away.
All the while saying, "Still dizzy?"

Thankfully, all was calm at the E.R., the wonky eye rolling had subsided, and we were transferred to a bed immediately.

waiting for cat scan.

Long story short, Miss B. has had a sinus infection the last 2 weeks, and has been on antibiotics for that time. After labs and cat scans were done and came back NORMAL, we had a neurology consult and the Dr. figured out that Brenna has what is called Vestibular Neuronitis. It is a secondary inflammation, brought on by upper respiratory problems, where the vestibular nerve in the inner ear is in inflamed. Apparently that's not a good thing.
I was instructed to give Brenna Meclazine, give her lots of fluids and keep her quiet for a week.
Oh, sure. She was mad she couldn't go back to school after the E.R.
Maybe she will lay low til Sunday.


After six hours in E.R., nice nurses, a great resident, two follow up appointments for next week, one tired mom and one tired teen, we are home. Having a "slumber party."
No way she's sleeping in another room tonight.


  1. I'm so glad you started with the fact that the outcome was OK.

    That whole thing would have scared me to pieces. I'm giving you applause from Georgia for being able to maintain your calm and get her to the ER.

    BTW, I didn't notice the hair in the picture, but I DID notice the indescribable mother look in your eyes.

    I am thanking God this morning that she is safe and slumbering with her mom.

  2. Lynn I am so glad you can make a serious event have laughter rolled in.
    Gosh, I am so glad to hear that Brenna and you are okay.
    I am the worst panic mom ever, I do the George Costanza dance when I panic, lol
    It is just me running in circles dialing wrong numbers, I can just picture it on video tape.
    But really, oh I can't even imagine what you go thru emotional wise everyday of your life. You are one strong momma!
    Hang in there and I hope you had a good night

  3. You are so amazing. You stayed so calm! And why is it these things seem to happen when the husbands are away? So glad everything is better now!

  4. WOW!! This story made me a little worried I am so glad everything is OK..
    I do hope you gals have a fun slumber party.. I do hope there is junk food involved.

    Hugs, Linda

  5. Love, love. love your blog - I enjoy every minute when I come for a visit!