Thursday, October 27, 2011

Food Friday and 31 for 21 Love

Let's start with 31 for 21 today...
As in I got a note sent home today from the teacher.
As in my child (!) is not being respectful when the teacher(s) is/are talking.
As in, she is making faces with her friend and giggling. 
Out loud, even.
After the teacher asks them to stop, even.
And then blames it on her friend for starting it.
I do know a way to stop this disruptive behavior.
Talk about Justin Bieber all day in class.
Justin 101.
History of Justin Bieber.
Music class with Justin Bieber.
The science of Justin - O.K., I think you get what I mean.

(which is your favorite-Zac Efron or Justin? Thanks, E, for helping us figure this out!)
Like I've said...more alike than not like others...

Onto Food Friday.
These bake sales are killing me.
Especially when we make
Peanut Butter Carmel Corn.

This stuff?

How shall I put it?


All of the above.
The best part was popping corn the "old fashioned way", and having Brenna oooh and aaahhh over watching the corn pop in the pan. (we have a glass lid. very cool.)
Since when did popcorn go up to over $2 a bag???
It was good all by itself.
(But even better after we finished.)

I found it in my Cooking Light Magazine.
Just because it's in there, doesn't mean we should eat buckets of this stuff.
But it does make you feel better about it if you do.
is the link for the recipe.
Happy Friday!


  1. oh brenna!
    This reminds me of the movie Uncle Buck.
    She was a "Silly Heart" and I love how he shot back at the principle about how he didn't want to know a little girl that wasn't a silly heart and a giggler!
    Oh, I know we have to learn to respect teachers but how can you get mad at a "silly heart" or a "Justin bieber heart"

  2. I hate to say this but I had to giggle just a little when I was reading this.. Sweet little Brenna getting a note sent home. It happens to the best of us!! That Peanut Butter Carmel popcorn looks so yummy!!!! I don't even attempt to make goodies like that, I would eat it all!! Really I would!!

    Hope you have a happy weekend!!

    Hugs, Linda

  3. What? $2.00 a bag???

    Sorry, that just made me to the head whip for a minute. Sighing over the cost of EVERYTHING.

    I wish the (blue) skies would open today and take us all away from this old place...

    But now, on the topic of Miss Brenna and Super Justin, you made me giggle. Ah, she IS so much like all the others isn't she? Even to the point of classroom disruption.
    Because I'm from the south, I'll just say "bless your heart".

    And because I like candied popcorn in a big way, I'll say thanks for the recipe link. All the investors in spandex thank you too.

  4. I am cracking up over Brenna getting sent home with a note. This is a good thing and quite normal!!!

    Big hugs,

  5. Sorry, but I had to giggle over the thought of Justin Beiber school topics. :) And oh, you are tempting me by linking the recipe for the popcorn!